Founded by Iman Europe, THE HOMIES DAO is a community that focuses on making space for creators to connect, collaborate, and receive support for their work while emphasizing the importance of wellness in Web3. While many current platforms in the space tend to prioritize the art of artists, The Homies DAO focuses on the heart of artists, and their needs beyond creating.
New artists everyday are trying to find their footing in web3 and learn how to start their journeys, while artists currently in the space are looking for more ways to find a healthy balance between wellness & building. Through education and communal support, THE HOMIES plan to be a resource for both.
What are THE HOMIES’ intentions?
THE HOMIES intend to bring wellness to the forefront of web3. Also, we plan to bring together different micro-communities and find ways to be a bridge of intersection. This is especially important in Web3 connectivity, which can sometimes be an overwhelming and hectic experience for artists.

THE HOMIES plan to learn together at a healthier pace while offering an easier way for artists to connect with one another. This holistic approach reduces the risk of burnout that can come from being overwhelmed and spread too thin.
How will THE HOMIES build their treasury?
THE HOMIES will build our treasury using the NOUNS Builder tool. Once a day, a new HOMIE PFP will be available for auction. Potential members are allowed to bid on the auction to win the PFP. The base price of each PFP will be set to 0.05, but generous bidders are always welcomed to bid more! (:

The winner of each auction becomes a holder of a $HOMIE and is then a member of THE HOMIES DAO. The funds generated through these auctions go straight to the treasury, where all members will then be able to create and vote on proposals regarding how the treasury will be spent.
How do THE HOMIES plan to use their treasury?
THE HOMIES DAO plans to use our treasury to collect and support projects created by our members, organize IRL and URL monthly events, create and mint projects through our DAO, and create easily digestible educational content that can later be minted on chain.

Eventually, our goal is to expand to hosting offline retreats in partnership with other brands, DAO’s, and web3 platforms that are in alignment with our wellness ethos. Lastly, THE HOMIES plan to organize group charity activities and allocate some of the treasury towards sponsoring therapy sessions for nominated members.
Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @TheHomiesDAO .
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